Brandon Dental Lab is a High Quality Digital Crown & Bridge Lab located in Brandon, Florida. We push the boundaries of digital dental technologies. Our highly aesthetic restorations utilize the latest & most effective technologies & materials. Combining the values of traditional dental craftsmanship with modern techniques and technologies, Brandon Dental Lab manufactures and customizes a wide variety of dental prosthetics to assist dentists in providing maximal oral care and aesthetically correct restorations. 

Dedicated and accomplished dentists will find themselves well served by our depth of knowledge and highly developed culture of craftsmanship.


Brandon Dental Lab strives to develop excellent relationships with our doctors and their staff, taking the time to get acquainted with each of our doctors preferences so that our restorations work meets the preferences of each doctor on every occasion. 

Implant Systems

Consistently delivering precision prosthetics that exceed your expectations. Brandon Dental Lab offers more high quality choices than ever when it comes to restorative materials for teeth. Our expert team fabricates exceptional precision products that provide comfortable fit, natural aesthetics,  excellent function, and greater patient satisfaction.

Streamline your workflow and provide the best for every patient when you choose Dental Harmony as your dental laboratory partner. You'll always know what to expect at Brandon Dental Lab!